Course curriculum

  • 1

    Home Inspections 101

    • Why do you need a course about home inspections?

    • What is a Home Inspection?

    • How do you hire a home inspector and how much should it cost?

    • Can home inspectors make repairs on properties they inspect?

    • Is a home inspection also a code inspection?

    • New Construction Inspections

  • 2

    Additional due diligence we perform

    • Thermography

    • Air Quality Testing: Mold

    • Radon Testing

  • 3

    Specialized due diligence

    • Other specialized inspections

    • Free due diligence

  • 4

    You're ready for an inspection. Now what?

    • Make sure the house is ready for the inspection.

    • Why a re-inspection is a must if you're asking for repairs

    • Why you need a repair and maintenance budget

  • 5

    Conclusion: you made it through the course!!

    • Thank you!